“The solution to all problems is to use the power of the mind effectively! It’s all in the mind.”

Except when I am at rest, I strive to keep my mind active. I believe that keeping it engaged boosts its capabilities. I seek activities that encourage a creative mind. I constantly engage my mind with work, leisure activities, and exercise.

My superconscious mind operates best in a mental climate of calmness and peace.

I prevent myself from becoming jaded by remaining involved at work. I recognize that increasing my productivity results in greater opportunities for me. There are times that I deliberately “take no thought”, and meditation helps me a lot.

I am aware that anger, worry, anxiety or any negativity diminishes my power to create, it clogs the flow of my beautiful energy. It clouds my thinking. It affects my disposition, and the outcome of my endeavour.

Leisure activities allow me to remain positive and happy. When I participate in activities I enjoy, I remain focused. I feel great when I play my favourite games.

I choose exercises that keep me constantly active. I always pay close attention to how my body responds in order to avoid injury. Because I keep my mind active, I am able to pay attention.

I keep my mind sharp. I can handle day-to-day activities more efficiently by focusing on the details. Very few details pass me by. I am a defensive driver. I am conscious of other drivers and their actions.

By staying alert, I am able to protect myself and others on the road.

The only difference between the so-called average person today, and the most successful, is the ability to think creatively.

I allow myself to get a sufficient amount of rest so I can keep my mind fresh. When I lack adequate sleep, it is much more difficult to focus on my daily tasks.


  • I seize the opportunity to sharpen my mind. I realize the importance of keeping my mind active and I make every attempt to do so
  • I possess creative ideas that can bring me life’s richest rewards
  • The right ideas are within me right now. They will work for me
  • I know that I am unlimited
  • Inspired action – not hard work – are what bring success and fulfilment
  • My mind has the capacity to constantly flow new ideas, I can easily find myself achieving a number of things successfully
  • Each day, I realize that my mind is constantly open and receptive to an inflow of new creative thinking
  • Whenever I am, and whatever I may be doing, I am constantly open to receive flashes of creative thought
  • I am intuitively led and guided in my thinking each day
  • My mind is open, receptive, and thankful, therefore I give thanks!

 Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How is my productivity affected when I lack adequate rest?
  2. How do I challenge myself to come up with creative ideas?
  3. What mind exercises can I do to ensure my mind remains sharp?