Manifest money on demand.

Transform your relationship with money and achieving financial independence.

Do you know that it’s your birth right to be rich? To live an abundant life.

This is about activating your Divine ability to manifest money in large amounts so you can use it to create massive change for yourself and others.

It is about getting your money magnetism under YOUR command so you can get on with what you’re here to do!

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Why is one person very rich and the other poor?

Why does one person succeed in business while another fails in the same business?

Why is it that one person prays for wealth and gets no answer and another member of her family prays and gets immediate results?

Why is it that someone uses affirmations for money and success and becomes poorer and someone else uses the same affirmations and gets marvellous results?

Why does one person become a great success in sales in a particular territory and another person in the same territory becomes a failure?

Why is it one person goes up the ladder in her profession while someone else with equal credentials toils and moils all her life without achieving anything worthwhile?

Why is it that one person has all the money he needs to accomplish his objectives, and another can’t make ends meet?

Why is it that so many religious, good, kind people are always short of money and other religious people have all the money they need and use it wisely?

Why is it that so many atheistic, agnostic, and irreligious people succeed, prosper, become immensely wealthy, and enjoy radiant health while at the same time many good, kind, moral, upright religious people suffer sickness, lack, misery, and poverty?

Why is it that some give and never receive in return and others give and they receive bountifully?

Why does one person have a beautiful, luxurious home while other lives in the slums or a dilapidated home?

Why is it that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

Why is it that one person is happily married and leads a rich life, and another is lonely and frustrated?

Why is it that one person’s belief makes him rich and another’s belief makes him poor, sick, and a failure in life?


Magnet Mastering the Inner Game of Your Money Honey Impacting The Lives of The People Around You and Living The Lifestyle You Love!

This is a 9 Module Online Programme.

A Nine-Week Manifestation Bootcamp – Unlocking the LIMITLESS potential of your MIND that combines the latest research in Neuroscience, Psychology, Mind Power, and some principles of Quantum Physics to demystify your POTENT POWER to MANIFEST anything you DESIRE.

This is a Powerful MIND TO MATTER Programme – probably the BEST you will ever experience.

A mind-bending course of the Infinite possibilities in the Universe to help you create rapid change in your life.

This Programme is especially created for YOU to MASTER the ART of MANIFESTING YOUR Wildest Dream, Deepest Desire and Aspiration.

I will Teach and Coach you a Powerful Methodology on HOW to MANIFEST BIG TIME … Calling in your Dream Life … ON AUTOPILOT. CLOCKWORK. ON DEMAND.


This Programme is especially created for YOU to liberate and transform your relationship with money and achieving financial independence. Heal yourself from old pattern of beliefs about wealth and finances so that you can fashion an appropriate battle plan which will take you from struggle into flow, from skimpy into lush.


You’ll get:

9 x Modules Spread Over 9 weeks – each one delivered every Monday to your Membership Portal

9 x Video Trainings

3 x an Awe-Inspiring Exclusive Brain Training Video

Platter of Powerful Play Sheets, Tools & Processes

A Powerful 28-Day Inner Divination Alchemy Ritual Script

A CHECKLIST of Daily Morning and Evening Ritual

How To Connect To Your Higher Self Script

Bold Money Goal Workbook

30+ Ways To Call In Wealth

Let’s Talk About Money – Play Sheet

The Consistent Cash Flow Formula Revealed

57+ Ways To Manifest Money Every Time

Binaural Isochronic Brain Entrainment – to maximise your Meditation, Spiritual, or Personal Development Efforts in less time

A Weekly 60 to 90-minute Live Coaching Calls and Q&A via ZOOM – every Friday 3 p.m. Irish Time (GMT+1)

A Lifetime Membership of our Exclusive Client Only Super Uber Supportive Facebook Group


Unhappy, unsatisfied, and overwhelmed with your financial situation

Frustrated, feeling stuck, and resigned with chronic money problems

You are not enjoying life, you are drowned in disappointment you have become trapped in day after day

You are playing small and losing hope to be able to get out of the endless pattern of money struggle you are accustomed with

Angry and completely overwhelmed at the idea of waking up again tomorrow and be confronted with the same money dilemma

Feeling a knot in your stomach, paralysed with fear and you’re starting to lose confidence in yourself

Wondering if there is hope for you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of

So, done doing things the way you’ve always done them, and getting same mediocre results

This Is for YOU if YOU are:


To know the secret of the most powerful manifestation tool in calling in wealth with ease


Greater prosperity and abundance in your life – NON-STOP!


To become rich and change your money story and make friends with money


If you want to identify your own Money Blueprint and how to “change” your current one to attract the unlimited amount of money


To unlock your awesome power to create limitless amount of money


To live a full, happy, vibrant health, wealthy and prosperous life


To manifest money on demand, on autopilot and clockwork


To place yourself on the road to freedom, happiness, and peace of mind


To claim your birth-right as a powerful creator being


To be a MAGNET for all things beautiful

This Is NOT for YOU if YOU are:


You are already financially well off


You can call in wealth at your command easily


You are already aware that Money is only a thoughtform


You already know that Money is only a symbol of energy and as such it has no real, intrinsic value


You believe that Money is neither good nor bad, positive nor negative. It is impartial.


1. How to Master the Inner Game of making Money and create more

2. How early childhood programming influences and shape our financial blueprint and how it led us to self-defeating thoughts and habits

3. How to make peace friends with money to set you up for limitless wealth

4. How to let go of your negative beliefs about money and manifest Money with ease

5. Where is wealth created first

6. How to gain control of your past and future financial situation

7. Powerful methods on how to Manifest Money On Demand

8. The Importance of a Master Plan to Manifest unlimited Wealth

9. Who to ask for direct knowledge about everything good you want to achieve and have

10. The power of speaking words that will raise your vibration in order to create anything, you want

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