The REAL Story About MY Breakdown to My Breakthrough That Turned My Life Around – Permanently! When All Other Attempts Have Failed!

My Story…

Sixteen Years Ago, MY LIFE imploded, it disintegrated around me – I see the world I’ve come to know in ruins.

I know the feeling of unworthiness or being unlovable. I understand how it feels to be ignored and feeling insignificant. I have felt the same way too. I have tasted the taste of defeat.

I wasn’t always this vibrant Coach gleaming with joy, bliss and positivity – Miss Happy Disposition.

From My “Mama Drama”, the unloved child story – to picking Up the Pieces Reclaiming My Life after Domestic Violence -yea, I almost died after a brutal attack from my ex-husband, to losing my thriving business, and finally lose custody of my four children I love the most more than life – not to mention being homeless. I can still vividly recall how I used to sleep on the floor with a single mattress, in a damp flat with mushy smell I shared with a Dear friend. I had nothing!

But … through self-reflection, healing and forgiveness I was able to transform my LIFE radically.

In The Beginning

“Everything in the past has always been perfect. Everything in your past has led you to this transformative moment in time. Everyone–including you–has always done the best they could with what they know at the time.”

Jack Canfield

A Wounded Child…

My story starts and revolves around me and my mother – “my greatest teacher”. It is a portrait of a deeply troubled child. A wounded child seared with scars. At an early age, my mother showed me what it felt like to be alone. There was so much pain and sadness in my childhood. For years, I wept in silence yearning for my mother’s love. I used to blame myself; maybe I’m not good enough or somehow undeserving of love. Maybe if I’m perfect, the girl she wanted me to be, I would have mattered to her. Perhaps she could have been proud of me but instead, I became a child victimized by contempt, shame, and humiliation.

A   Teenage Mum… at 19

Despite my childhood drama, as if I have reclaimed my lost inner child, or perhaps I was playing magical beliefs, I grew up to be a fun-loving young woman. Full of life, joyful, with high hopes in life. Miss happy disposition, with great optimism. A woman who believes that there is more to life than feeling sad and being sorry for myself. As if I blazed a path towards my destiny, believing in fairy tales, and in happy endings, in 1990 I accidentally got pregnant while I was in college. At 19, I became a teenage mother.

Here, I embarked on a personal journey. I embraced the role of a young mother with joy, and not dare to argue with the reality that I was too young for the responsibility but was brave enough to accept it and loved it!

I  left   the  Philippines … at 28

I had a chance to look for a greener pasture. October 28, 1998, I arrived in Ireland, leaving my three children and my husband back home. I loved the new place, although I terribly missed my family – it felt forever. Sometimes, we do not get to choose everything that happens to us, but we can decide which memories we will focus on. All difficulties are temporary; after eighteen months, they followed me here in Ireland.

A  Battered  Wife… at 30

What’s the worst that could happen? I thought I knew the man; he was my childhood sweetheart, he fathered my four beautiful children, and he was my husband. At 30, I became a battered wife, the uncharted territory of life! I was beaten and defeated. I found myself in a thousand pieces. All relationships hit troubled patches; I had no choice but to leave my marriage. I fell into a deep, dark place, which no one could carry me out of, but myself. I lost everything. What I thought was rock bottom opened me up to my deepest spiritual direction. I found grace! Although my dream of a beautiful family that I have consciously created all came crumbling down around me, it became the foundation of finding my strength as a woman; the strength I never knew I had. I was living a life of pure desperation in just about every way. However, I found my release.

“Resilience is the ability to bounce back from distress induced by the environment.”

John Bradshaw (American Educator & Counselor)

Fast  Forward  To  Today…

This woman is now dancing to a different tune. I pulled myself together–I triumphed! I found the Holy Grail of the good life. I tasted the taste of defeat, but it brought me more joy than sadness, success than failure, and more blessings than pain. I drink deeply from the lessons I have learned. Life’s contrasts birthed in me a strong desire for a more fun-filled and joyful ride. Life is delicious; I want more of it–it is a true GIFT to be human.

I found myself announcing that I would make it my personal commitment to help others— anyone that come my way. Feeling like an embattled coach, revving up the team—for the BIG GAME in LIFE! Everything was for my GROWTH and PROTECTION and for my highest good. My past became the foundation upon which I built the superstructure of my beautiful newfound life. Brick by brick!

Through my journey of self-discovery, I found my true value and self-worth. In the depth of our pain and sadness lies the secret of true happiness within our soul. It is in embracing the dark night of our soul when we find life’s real meaning.

What changed me?

ME! It was not until I accidentally stumbled upon and invited myself into years of self- reflection—a search of tried and tested success life principles, books, rigorous personal development, transformational courses, trainings, and seminars—that I finally realized that I could change my life for the better. I can create a life of my own design. Studying became an obsession. I achieved one qualification after another. My thirst and passion for knowledge became an insatiable desire. I read everything I could find that would give meaning and sense to what I saw going on around me. I questioned everything. Knowledge made all things possible–a life-altering process that changed my life’s direction. A major turning point came for me!

A Note on Forgiveness …

Forgiveness is a mental state. It is a conscious choice, a surrender of our will, motivated by the goodness of our heart. Forgiveness is a divine grace granted by God as a result of our pure intention. As humans, our instinct and tendency is to recoil in self-protection, shutting down our emotions when we have been hurt and injured. We build strong fortresses and walls that are so high that no one can climb it. We put barricades everywhere within us, so scared to let anyone in because the music of past hurts is still playing like a broken record. Our walls are our wounds. We do not let anyone get to us. We are scared to give ourselves fully because we are afraid to lose that someone and we get hurt. We tend to forget about mercy. We do not usually flow our heart with grace and forgiveness when we have been wronged. We must battle first; to wrestle with the choice to physically act with the will to be in the present emotional being. This is not uncommon.

I came from the same tour, like traveling around; it has been a journey for me, and the path I took to gain freedom from forgiveness, the release of my dying soul. Sometimes pride, ego, and our selfish ways stand in the way. I believe and am sure that God will deliver us and will continue His work in us. There is no automatic switch where we automatically live in a state of forgiveness. It is not an instant process. For most, it will be a slow journey. However, once you open the path through your heart, and stick to the outcome, you will reach the freedom of forgiveness.

Life Lessons …

I found the complete and comprehensive approach to the business of living a life characterized by bliss, abundance, and prosperity

There is nothing that can destroy, break, or conquer the human spirit

I have re-established my worth and reinvented myself


I have infinitely more power over the direction of my life. I am in total control!

I have uncovered the secret to change, self-confidence, high self-esteem and reclaimed my personal power

I have uncovered the secret to change, self-confidence, high self-esteem and reclaimed my personal power

I am the MASTER of my own destiny. It is not what I am born with or what happens to me in life; it is the choices along the way that determine my ultimate destiny.

My point of power is always in the precious NOW!

A life well lived is without regrets

I have the choice be happy

If necessity is the mother of invention, then pain seems to be the father of learning

There is nothing more important than I feel good because the universe will always draw to me things based on my emotions, not with what I say.

Forgiveness – is POWER

As humans, we are all magnificent in nature – through life’s challenges, we often lose sight of these facts.

Suffering is always optional

I am my own heroine – My own rescue

Everything that I am or ever will be is up to me

The great importance of GRATITUDE – making the most of the gifts we are blessed with instead of accentuating our flaws.

Seeing the world through grateful eyes

My life experience made me a spiritual athlete

The principle of “letting go,” works for anyone who wants a richer life, fuller life, a better personal relationship, a life with peace, abundance, and prosperity.

I can change my path, take some course of action, and honour my most important values.

I am where I am today because that is where I have chosen to be.


If I was able to change the course of my life … you can do too!

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