Being a great leader is easy for me. People comfortably take my direction and have confidence in my leadership. I enjoy being a leader and do so confidently and competently.

I make the best of every occasion to lead others. I enjoy learning how to be a better leader and seek out opportunities to better my skills. I like being in charge and feel confident in my abilities.

Being a leader can be challenging, but I am up for that challenge. I care about others, and people can sense this. Other individuals respect me and seek out my opinion in challenging times. People look to me for guidance and leadership.

I have great confidence in my ability to lead. My confidence is infectious. Others are more confident simply by being in my presence.

I believe in myself that I can achieve anything, but if I doubt myself I can achieve nothing.

When we are willing to simply trust ourselves and follow our emotional guidance, we’ll be astounded with our accomplishments. Sometimes we don’t let ourselves dream big because we fear how disappointed we’ll be if we fail – so nothing happens.

“If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else?”

–  Sharon Magnus

Imagine what the world would look like if every person realized their full potential. Leadership doesn’t require a leap of faith, just a small step of self-belief.

The demands, pressures and responsibilities of modern living, for the average individual, can lead to a feeling that they have little control over what is taking place in their lives. In a world that’s becoming more complex every day, it is easy to feel that one’s life is out of control.

I pay attention and listen to those that I lead. Communication is an important part of the leadership dynamic. I have excellent communication skills that enhance my leadership talents. I enjoy listening to the ideas of others.

I have the necessary charisma to lead people. My groups are harmonious and productive. I can lead a group to any goal in a timely fashion. I equate leadership with achieving results. I get things done and others enjoy being part of that process.


  • I feel even more confident about my leadership skills.
  • I am learning more about how to be a competent leader
  • I seek out every chance to hone my leadership abilities.
  • I will master the art of serving others
  • Anywhere there is a positive impact I can make
  • I want to brighten up the life of anyone I encounter everyday
  • I teach people with the clarity of my example
  • I have personal and higher control over my life
  • I create great leaders, not followers
  • A true leader don’t rests on laurels

 Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What can I do today to become a better leader?
  2. Who is the best leader I know personally?
  3. What do I need to learn about leadership that will boost my confidence in my leadership abilities?


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