I sometimes wonder what this day has in store for me. Each morning fills me with excitement and interest about what might transpire that day.

Life is fascinating. It is a collection of days like today and I reach out to every opportunity the day offers as if it is a precious gem. Each day is like a treasure chest that I open with anticipation.

When I am at work, I have options to be involved in special projects and meet new people. In my neighbourhood, many friends and neighbours reach out to me. The people I stumble upon are interesting and I look forward to enjoying further contacts with them.

I focus on staying open to new happenings at home, too. When my child speaks of a new interest, I listen and ask questions. My partner might relay a news story that we can discuss.

It takes time and practice to implement new habits. They start as simple actions and gradually, as we do them regularly, they become habits. It can take anything from 21 to 30 days to implement a new habit – and it takes a few months or more to cement a habit. I want to be kind to myself, if I can’t remember – and just start again the next day!

Positive expectation is the magic elixir that energizes my dreams, and let me achieve goals far beyond my limits. It is a knowing that I deeply drink, and an invitation to the good life I’ve been dreaming. Every day I wake up to a beautiful life experience – and only that can happen!

My Meditation Garden

I always make it a habit to meditate, it makes a great difference to my day!

I find communing with nature soothing…Jax and Crystal are enjoying it too.


  • I intend to renew my efforts to stay interested in whatever happens. I know that when I take an interest and have things to look forward to, my life is more fulfilling
  • I want to find a source of positive information – always
  • My main job is to be completely be relaxed whatever outcome of any situation
  • My positive expectation is the key to the manifestation of everything I want
  • I am creating my life experience of life right now, moment by moment
  • I promise to make today my favourite day. Do the same tomorrow
  • I am aware that whatever thought I think, then it can be brought into my physical world
  • The intentions I hold in my heart are the energy of my soul attracting beautiful experiences in my reality
  • I accept 100% responsibility for my way of life
  • I am aware that every obstacle is an opportunity

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I think about my day in the mornings and generate some interest about what might happen?
  2. What excites me about my days?
  3. What changes can I make in my life to encourage me to be more invested in each day?