Get confident, let go of the shizz – you had enough!

Congratulations – today is the day you are going to change your destiny!

Yeey… you have come to the right place!

That problem you have. I know what it is and how to fix it.

PREPARE YOURSELF for a wonderful experience!

What if you’re living the life of your dreams right now – vibrant health, best loving relationship, tons of money, flourishing career, and you’re rocking your business, plus your dream travel experience to most exotic destinations.

There is nothing sexy or exciting about the phrase, DREAM THE DREAM – DESIGN & LIVE A GORGEOUS LIFE, yet seems unattainable to most people. Why? Because it is foundational to most of the other important choices we make in our lives. All of us have a tendency to blame others for our circumstances and even our choices. We need to overcome that tendency if we want to increase our potential and live a life with no limits. If you’re willing to make choices that increase your sense of responsibility, you will see a corresponding increase in your success.

Never again lose your appetite or get heart palpitations wondering when your life’s going to get better.

Whatever you WANT, whatever your DESIRE out of life, the Universe will show you the way to make it come to you. Be it money, influence, love, respect, or admiration, vibrant health, flourishing career—be it any or all of these— it will be yours in abounding measure.

Reclaim your sense of self, get clarity, find purpose, and if you want you can build a business around your strengths and talent – WIN WIN, right?

Take stuck of your life!

I don’t teach this stuff I actually do it. I have used the exact Coaching Principles for myself to radically change my life – sixteen years ago.

I am your long-lost best friend!

I believe that you are willing to learn what others are not.

I’ve been there Darling!

Sixteen Years Ago, I hit my own PROVERBIAL ROCK BOTTOM. My LIFE imploded. It disintegrated around me. I see the world I’ve built and nurtured in ruins. From My “Mama Drama”- the unloved child story, to picking Up the Pieces Reclaiming My Life after Domestic Violence – yea, I almost died after a brutal attack from my ex-husband, then to losing my thriving costume jewellery business, and finally, lose custody of my four children I love the most – not to mention being homeless for years (sleeping on the floor, with a single mattress, in a damp flat with mushy smell, I shared with a Dear friend). To finish off – my car was repossessed by the Bank.

I know. Right?

“What THE F _ _ K!!! Is right!

I was in the worst circumstance of my life, and I felt there was no way out – my SOUL and body felt dead!

I have tasted the taste of defeat – (not nice!).

But you see … nothing can destroy and conquer the “HUMAN SPIRIT”!

When you hit rock bottom – you can only go back up!


And it’s a PROCESS.

I am NOW living a life I truly and absolutely love – happily married (to 2nd hubby), have a strong loving bond with my four beautiful children, an obsessed cat Mommy to ten spoiled rotten furry babies and at the same time running a thriving online Coaching Business helping other WOMEN to empower themselves, stop the pain and struggle, step into the light, and create a Remarkable Life!

And I want to help you get here too.

Just know that whatever you want is within your reach right now!

You’re NOT only Going to Dream The Dream – You Will Design It and Live It!

To Change Your Life, You Must Be Willing to Pay the Price.

Every normal person has a brain and mind, therefore, endowed with great mental capacities.

Although few of us, however, use and develop our natural abilities sufficiently to reach the many goals we could achieve.

Most people simply are not willing to pay the price, the effort of learning the Art of Life Transformation – You’re not most people!

Everyone is unique. You can be different. You can develop your abilities to the fullest.

To change your life, to live the lifestyle you want you must be willing to make regular investment in study, thinking, and planning time followed up by action. Work, in other words. And there is no substitute. But … ohh BOY, the result will be on your terms – living Your Dream Life on command.

Is It Worth the effort?

When endeavouring to come to any decision concerning your future, you may ask yourself, “Is it worth it?”

Sure, it is! “Because You’re Worth It” – (says Loreal!)

Your life should be a KNOCKOUT …right? I’ll help you just like that!

I have a SOLUTION for you!

My Methodology is straightforward, simple, and doable. And everything I teach is rooted in DIRECTION and INSPIRED ACTION.

I will help you change your life by changing your Consciousness, and Self-belief – To. Make. You. Unstoppable.

I’m super uber excited for you!

You are about to embark on a journey to meet the most fascinating Person you’ll ever meet – YOUR Dear SELF!

You will be able to make discoveries about yourself – true human potential, unleash that powerful beast within you that’s been longing to be freed and transform your life – PERMANENTLY!

Hey there, I’m Estela. I help women who are fearless, ambitious, and passionate about life – women who are ready to make a radical transformation in their lives – women who wants to have it all – laser focused, with sheer determination and a strong drive to succeed, and to climb to the summit of their dreams.



This is a Powerful Coaching Programme!

A three months/12-wks/90-Days – Group Inner Circle Coaching Course.

This Programme is dedicated to YOUR MASTERY of the Art of Realising All Your Dreams and Desires – A Gorgeous Life You Personally Designed.

I will Teach and Coach you a Powerful Step-by-Step, and effective Coaching Process for you to achieve a REMARKABLE LIFE!


You’ll get:


Daily Inspiration in Your Inbox for 90 Days

12 Modules Spread Over 12 weeks – each one delivered every Monday to your Membership Portal

12 x Video Trainings

Platter of Powerful actionable Play Sheets, Tools & Processes to gets you real-life results

A Powerful 30-Day Inner Divination Alchemy Ritual Script

A CHECKLIST of Daily Morning and Evening Ritual

My Gorgeous Life in 90 Days Script

A Life Map Where You Are NOW To Where You Are Going in 12 months

Daily Success Habit Journal


16 Magnetic Attraction Principles

Binaural Isochronic Brain Entrainment – to maximise your Meditation, Spiritual, or Personal Development Efforts in less time


A Weekly 60 to 90-minute Live Group Coaching Calls and Q&A via ZOOM – every Friday 5 p.m. Irish Time (GMT+1)

A Lifetime Membership of our Exclusive Client Only Super Uber Supportive Facebook Group


Passionate about life transformation and freedom.

Serious about discovering life’s best kept secrets to success. 

Seeking for a total life make-over – you are willing to go all in and thrilled about making massive change for the future.

Sick of seeing yourself struggle and in suffering – so DONE making excuses for yourself and you want to take 100% control of your life and well-being. If you have been wondering when you get your BIG BREAK in life, excited to take yourself on a quantum leap, then this is the course for you …

This Is for YOU if YOU are:


Are you willing to Re-establish your worth and reinvent yourself to be your best?


Feeling very tired and you have tried everything, and nothing is working, and you are at the end of your rope


Brain Fogged – and you want to get clarity and create a vision of a life of no regrets and live a gorgeous life you personally designed?


In dire straits – and you want a step-by-step blueprint for success that will lead you to greater success than you ever imagined possible?


Totally desperate, grasping at straws – and you want to take complete charge of your life and get to where you want to be from where you are now – FAST!


On a vicious cycle of financial turmoil – and you want to experience the Master Program for success and accomplish the financial goals you set for yourself – no matter how big?


At your wits’ end and exhausted – and you want to transform your way of thinking and transform every area of your life?


Do you want to know the secret to un upset-free life and realize the power of forgiveness to reclaiming your personal power?

This Is NOT for YOU if YOU are:


You are already living the life of your dreams


You have figured out life’s strategies for increasing productivity, energy, well-being and more!


You have found the keys to lifelong happiness, abundance, and bliss


You have discovered the Holy Grail of life and you now own your personal power


Already know the secret to financial security in any economy


You have found life’s proven techniques to produce dramatic changes in yourself and others


You know the ways how to create lasting relationships


1. Discover which area/areas of your life you need to fully focus your Energy on in order to put it in balance

2. Learn the SECRETS of transforming your life and the lives of the people you care about most

3. Complete the past and stop the downward spiral of self-sabotage leading to unfulfillment and frustrations

4. Replace YOUR NEGATIVE MESSAGES with new core beliefs that support your happiness and excellence using leading edge and on-the-minute Scientific discoveries

5. Realize the secret to claiming your personal magnetic power to manifest

6. See how you can be strong and authentic. Use your vulnerability as a source of power

7. Design a new Self-Image that supports your magnificence and brilliance

8. Re-establish your worth and reinvent yourself to be your best and in whatever goals you set for yourself

9. UPGRADE the STRUCTURE of your current reality by raising your most important currency – YOUR PERSONAL ENERGY VIBRATION

10. RAISING YOUR Personal Awareness – the one thing that changes everything

11. YOU will experience an EXTRAORDINARY PERSONAL GROWTH You can possibly imagine

12. Learn how to powerfully impact the lives of the people around you and create strong lasting relationships

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